Wild Bunch Brewery

Industry: Food & Beverage (Craft Brewery)

Wild Bunch Brewery, a small-town Texas gem with lofty ambitions, was held back by an outdated, DIY website. The site's single-page layout and stagnant content hindered user navigation, brand discovery, and crucial business growth opportunities.

Solution: I transformed their online presence with a strategic overhaul:

Website Expansion: Evolved the one-page site into a comprehensive 5-page platform, enhancing user navigation and brand engagement.

Brand Refresh: Injected new life into their brand with a strategic color palette and typography selection, aligning with the brewery's identity and goals.

Content & Copy Strategy: Guided the owner through the copywriting process, ensuring the website's content resonates with beer enthusiasts and clearly communicates the brewery's offerings.

Conversion-Driven Design: Focused the website design on two primary revenue-generating goals: driving foot traffic to the brewery and increasing email list subscriptions. Integrated crucial on-tap beer information and RV rental opportunities to entice visits and stays.

CTA Optimization: Streamlined email subscription by embedding a signup CTA in the website's footer, ensuring accessibility across all pages and eliminating the owner's need for manual entry.

Outcome: The website's transformation has positioned Wild Bunch Brewery as a compelling destination for beer lovers and RV enthusiasts alike. The strategic enhancements in navigation, content, and CTAs are poised to boost on-site visits, drive email engagement, and unlock new revenue streams, brewing success for the brewery's future.

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