Red Rabbit Trading Co.

Industry: Retail (Handmade Jewelry)

Challenge: The client's DIY website was outdated, lacked shopability and detailed information about the artisanal nature of the jewelry. The main goal was to enhance the website's conversions, thereby increasing revenue and highlighting the uniqueness of their handmade products.

Solution: Implemented a comprehensive ecommerce enhancement:

Homepage Redesign: Introduced a video hero showcasing the jewelry-making process and created shoppable sections for best sellers and new arrivals, transforming the homepage into an engaging, sales-driven space.

Navigation Overhaul: Refined the store pages by organizing products into intuitive categories, simplifying the shopping experience.

Brand Storytelling: Launched an 'About' page to dive into the artisanal process and the maker's story, fostering a deeper connection with customers.

Events Highlight: Added an events page to feature their worldwide trunk shows, inviting more customer interaction and engagement.

Credibility Boost: Showcased the client's press features to lend social proof and enhance credibility.

Social Media Integration: Embedded a 'Follow on Instagram' CTA in the website footer, leveraging their strong social media presence.

Privacy Compliance: Guided the client through the creation of privacy policies and cookie consent settings to ensure compliance with international data privacy laws.

Outcome: The website's transformation has not only increased user experience but also vividly narrated the brand's story, resulting in a fortified digital home that resonates with their global clientele. The strategic enhancements and compliance measures have positioned the client's business for sustainable growth and heightened brand visibility.

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