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Happy Hues, a color consultancy service, was conceived to revolutionize how homeowners choose paint for their walls, transforming spaces into havens of joy and personality.

The challenge was to create a brand that resonated with homeowners seeking not just a color change, but a transformation of their living spaces into joyful sanctuaries.

Happy Hues is a creative passion project.

Brand Strategy

The primary audience includes DIY home renovators, new homeowners, and design novices eager to infuse their spaces with personality and warmth.

Happy Hues was crafted to radiate warmth, expertise, and whimsy, with a visual and verbal identity that speaks directly to the joy of transforming a home.

Design Strategy

The visual identity strategy for Happy Hues was meticulously crafted to resonate with the brand's core ethos of joy, playfulness, and personalized color consultancy.

The brand identity was built around a pastel color palette, reflecting the brand's soft, approachable nature, paired with modern typefaces like Varela Round, Montserrat, and Poppins to balance playfulness with professionalism.

Two logo variations were developed to provide flexibility in brand representation, ensuring coherence across various platforms while a submark logo offered a concise, recognizable symbol, doubling as the website's favicon for brand consistency even in the smallest digital spaces.

The website was designed as a welcoming space for visitors to explore services, with intuitive navigation and content that speaks directly to the homeowner's desire for a joyful, personalized home.

Whimsical painterly shapes were thoughtfully incorporated throughout the brand's visual assets, not only to enhance the overall aesthetics and embody the brand's creative spirit but also to strategically draw attention to crucial CTAs, guiding user interaction and reinforcing the brand's narrative of transformation and joy in every detail.

This multifaceted approach to visual identity culminates in a cohesive, dynamic brand presence that invites engagement and reflects the unique vibrancy of Happy Hues.


This project underscored the importance of a cohesive brand story. The Happy Hues brand was positioned to make a significant impact in the home design market, with a strong, differentiated identity and a comprehensive strategy aimed at engaging and retaining a dedicated audience.

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